Telling Your Parents You’re Pregnant

 These are scary words to say or hear. But if you are the one saying them, here are some things to remember:

*When? Tell them as soon as possible. Parents would rather hear the news from you, their child, instead of someone else.

* How? It can be hard to think in the heat of the moment or when you are nervous, so take some time to consider what the best approach would be. You could even write a letter but most importantly, give yourself plenty of time to discuss with them. Remember, telling your parents you are pregnant can be like throwing a grenade in their lap. They love you, care about your future and want the very best for you and sometimes initial reactions are tough. There might be anger and crying. But most of the time,the dust settles and parents support you. After all, they truly love you.

*What? What you say to your parents in breaking the news is important. Keep it simple and straightforward. This is your time to do the right thing and use wisdom. Be sensitive to your parent’s feelings which may range from “We had such high hopes for your education” to “you are far too young and irresponsible to have a child” or “I’m too young to be a grandparent.” Take time to listen to them and ask if they can listen to your feelings too.

Sidenote- if your parents want you to have an abortion, talk to them about your responsible plan of action in parenting or placing for adoption. Show them the steps you have taken to think everything through with the situation. As you consider the future, there may be options you haven’t even considered.

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