My Child is Pregnant

First, remember you will get through this. It may not be easy but it’s possible! If your child tells you she is pregnant, here are some things to remember:

*Try not to overreact. In one conversation, all of your hopes for your child’s future can seemingly crash around you. Your first response matters! Try to show her you care. But if you blew it, it’s never too late. It is normal to have a load of feelings- shock, anger, disappointment and frustration.

*Share with your child. Reassure them of your love and share your wisdom from life’s journey. You are a valuable part of this decision making process. Avoid a blaming attitude and help your daughter think through her course.

*Focus on your family. Encourage an environment of communication and support in your home. Listen and be respectful of your daughter’s feelings. Others may offer insight and advice and some may be helpful and some may not.

*Face it. This is your new reality and it’s scary and overwhelming but facing it together can lead to growth. Other families have been through this before you and have survived. Just get through one day at a time, facing one problem at a time.

Bottom line- Build bridges. You may want to burn bridges and it’s hard to see any good coming from this situation but live moment to moment and you will one day see the good. And you will never regret using your words, reactions, attitudes and communication to build bridges with your daughter during this time. God is big enough for all your fears, doubts and questions about the future and He will see you through each moment. 

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