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Loving Life: Jenny Steffins Remsberg


Today on #LovingLifeLC we get to feature our very own Jenny Steffins Remsberg! She works tirelessly as our Executive Assistant and Director of Development at Life Choices, co-host of 88.7 FM’s “It’s a Mom Thing” radio show, and as a designer for VBON Designs. She is from West Monroe and is a single mom to four (now five) […]

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Junk Food Cake


Did you know that today is National Junk Food Day? (Did you know there even was a National Junk Food Day?!) In honor of this glorious occasion, we thought we’d share a fun recipe. Our fabulous volunteers loved it! Try it out and let us know what you think 🙂 #NationalJunkFoodDay Junk Food Cake 1 box German chocolate […]

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Loving Life: Elaine Brantley

pic 1

This week on #LovingLifeLC, we are tickled pink to feature Elaine Brantley, our ultrasound technologist and sonographer at Life Choices! Many of you have prayed for Elaine this year as she underwent surgery and treatment for breast cancer. She just completed treatment and is doing great! Elaine has a “more than a conqueror in Christ” spirit […]

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Enter to Win! Bible Belles Giveaway


#LovingLifeLC Bible Belles GIVEAWAY Prize: Erin Weidemann’s latest book Esther: the Belle of Patience – a beautiful story about a young girl who learns about patience from the example of Esther. “As she watches Esther and her struggle to save her people, Rooney learns how to handle her own conflict on the soccer field by allowing […]

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Loving Life: Erin Weidemann

Esther Cover

*From Lyndsey- When I gave birth to my daughter last fall, I fully realized the sacred responsibility of parenting a daughter and started searching for resources that will help point her to the Lord. I am so glad to have connected with Erin and the Bible Belles are truly fantastic! These books are a MUST […]

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Loving Life: Amber Mathews

CTB 1815

This week’s participant in our #LovingLifeLC series is Amber Mathews! Amber is full of life and loves to have fun; our Life Choices Executive Director, Lyndsey, says “being around her feels like you’re taking a deep breath of fresh air.” Hailing from West Monroe, Amber has carved a successful career at Origin Bank and is […]

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That’s A Wrap


With overwhelming support, the 2016 Louisiana Legislative session was a huge success for pro life bills as they were approved overwhelmingly by legislators and supported by Gov. John Bel Edwards.  Here is a list of key pro-life victories this session:   Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act (HB 1081 – signed into law on May […]

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