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Loving Life: Tonya Smith

Wrapping up National Adoption Awareness month, we have a wonderful Loving Life profile for you. We have heard from an adoptive mom, adoptive and foster mom, and an adult adoptee on the beautiful story of adoption. Today, Tonya Smith shares her international adoption story! Tell us about yourself, Tonya: I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling mommy and […]

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Stories of HOPE: Sarah

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week (my absolute favorite holiday), we have an extra special blog post to share with you this week — the story of one of our former clients. Sarah is an amazing woman whom we’ve been so blessed to know over the past few years. After participating in our HOPE Program (Helping Others […]

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Loving Life: Stephanie Wilkes

Wow, continuing on with National Adoption Awareness Month, we have Stephanie Wilkes to share her story — no spoilers, but it’s a little bit different than the previous ones! Read on to hear her heart and see what God has done in her life; we know you’ll be encouraged!  Stephanie Wilkes is a school librarian at […]

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Loving Life: Madeline Salter


Continuing our adoption theme for National Adoption Awareness Month, we have Madeline Salter on the blog today sharing about her journey with adoption and foster parenting. She has some deeply wise and challenging thoughts that we can all learn from. We hope you enjoy! Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Madeline Salter and […]

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Loving Life: Leslie Bauman


November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and we are honored to have Leslie Bauman on the blog this week sharing a little bit about her life and beautiful family. Leslie and her husband Cody have a huge heart for adoption; they adopted their daughter Nelle and have recently completed foster care certification classes. Read on to […]

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