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Rebekah Thompson is a stay at home mom/Birth Doula/bookkeeper for my Thompson Services and Life Choices. Married to Garrett and mom to 3 kids. Garrett and Rebekah lost their first baby, Leah Joy, when she was 6 months pregnant. They went on to have Atlee who is 3, and River who is 9 months. They make their home in West Monroe.

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What is your favorite part of motherhood?

I love that the Lord entrusted me to raise these sweet babies into God fearing adults. Motherhood can be exhausting and just plain hard sometimes, but there is nothing in this world more important and fulfilling to me.

What led you to become a doula? 

I have always been so fascinated by birth. The process of pregnancy, labor and delivery is so beautiful and miraculous. It is an experience that women never forget, so I want to help women to have a happy birth experience. My personal preference is natural childbirth, but any way a women gives birth is beautiful and wonderful.

17622401_10208534247021416_955315909_oWhat is your best advice for new moms?

Everything is just a phase! Newborn babies who are up all night QUICKLY turn into 1 year olds who (usually!) sleep all night. Treasure every single second, even the not so fun moments. Looking back, even those hard times will be precious memories. Time passes by so fast!

What is something your mom always told you growing up?

I can’t think of anything in particular that my mom told me. What I remember is the example she set. She was so patient and so loving in everything she did. She took every opportunity to teach us about Jesus. She made raising and homeschooling 6 kids look easy! My mom taught us to love the Lord first and everything else would fall into place. She truly practiced what she preached! She is a saint!

Who is your hero?

My mom!  My dad is too! He is the type of person who just with his demeanor demands respect. Everyone loves and looks up to him. He is a tough looking guy, but once all these grandbabies came along we all found out quickly that he is just a big teddy bear on the inside 😉 I love how much my parents love their grandkids!17580190_10208534246501403_1574154547_n

What are you learning in this season of life?

I am learning patience for sure. A 3 year old and 9 month old who don’t like to sleep much can be difficult at times. They are both so busy and into everything, but in the big scheme of things I am just so grateful that I have 2 healthy little ones. Messes can be cleaned up and one day, I will get to sleep again. I am also learning to be content in every season of life. Not every season is fun or exciting. Some are actually very hard! Those seasons are when it is so important to be content with where you are and what the Lord is teaching you. My husband started his own business 1 year ago and that has taught me a lot about trusting God and stepping out in faith. I am not a risk taker, so that has been a learning process.

What are you currently reading/listening to/watching?

I am trying to finish Lysa Terkeurst’s book Uninvited and Steven Furtick’s book Unqualified. Both are so good!

What’s your favorite beauty product?

Coconut oil! We all use it in my house. Could not live without it.

What is your best advice for someone wanting to have a natural childbirth?

Be prepared and do your research! It is so important to be informed about childbirth and to know all that it entails before you experience it. Also, do not be pushy to the nurses or doctors. Be respectful to them and they will be respectful of your desires for your birth. OH, and hire a doula!

What cause or community initiative do you support? What do you love about it?

Life Choices of course! I am very passionate about Life Choices. I was on staff full time until last May when I stepped down to stay home with Atlee and River. The work done at Life Choices to save these babies and give hope and resources to these mamas is amazing!

Describe your perfect day?

In this season of life the perfect day would consist of lots of family time. It doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as we are together. With my husband owning this new business we don’t get to spend much time together as a family. Hoping that changes soon!

What is your favorite vacation spot?

We are beach bums!

Rebekah, you know we are big fans of yours at the center!!! Thank you for sharing your heart! You always inspire us!

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