5 Things to Give Your Friend Before an Abortion

Life Choices InstaWhen your best friend tells you she’s pregnant and having an abortion, it can be overwhelming. Either there is a million things you want to tell her or you are totally blank, unsure of what to say or do.

Your friend is hurting because she is dealing with something unexpected. She wasn’t planning to get pregnant. She may be scared to tell anyone. She may not know who the father is. Or maybe she doesn’t see herself as a mom at this stage of her life.

But the test is positive and she has made a decision to abort. As her friend, here are 5 things she needs before she has an abortion.

1.) She needs support.

Your friend is in a tough place and might be feeling alone.

2.) She needs wise counsel.

An unplanned pregnancy can narrow your vision to right here, right now, but your friend needs wise counsel to view the positive pregnancy test in view of her whole life.

3.) She needs a listening ear.

Your friend may have a lot of feelings to discuss.

4.) She needs an open hand.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy, she doesn’t need to be pushed to the side. She needs support and resources. She also doesn’t need to be judged and condemned. An open hand full of love and support can make a big difference.

5.) She needs a pregnancy center.

She needs to know abortion is not her only option. At Life Choices, we provide all of the above to our clients. We want to be a safe place for your friend, and we believe with support and resources, her abortion is unnecessary.

If your friend chose to have an abortion, we have post abortion support or referrals for counseling in our community so she doesn’t have to walk through that experience alone.

Walking with a friend through an unplanned pregnancy is tough, but abortion is not her only choice.

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