Loving Life: Suzan Betts and Lisa Betts Gwin

What a treat! This week, we are so excited to hear from Suzan Betts and Lisa Betts Gwin- two beautiful women with deep wells of wisdom! Read on to be inspired and encouraged! Don’t forget about our free printable Mother’s Day card


  • Name: Suzan Betts
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse, Certified Oncology Nurse Navigator; currently, Independent Marketing Representative for BTD Medical Consultants
  • Hometown: Monroe
  • Current city: Frisco, TX
  • Family/Kids: 3 kids – Ross, Lisa, Holly; 4 grandkids – John Ross, Lucy, Carter, and Ella
  • Pets: None today, but I have puppy plans.
  • Any other information (Education/Volunteer/Creative Hobbies): I lead Healing Matters, a cancer encouragement group, at Elevate Life Church in Frisco.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who have faced difficult situations in their lives with courage, who have grown in the experience, and found even greater purpose in their lives because of the challenges they have overcome. I find that these are the strongest and most generous as well as some of the happiest people on earth.

What’s your current favorite beauty product?

Coconut oil! If I’m not cooking with it, I’m rubbing it somewhere! Ha! This stuff is magical!

mia and grandkids

Describe your perfect day?

I’m a morning person, so waking up early and enjoying a cup of my favorite coffee before my visiting grandkids wake up is heavenly. Then, cooking them their favorite pancakes, filled with gosh-awful ingredients like M&M’s and sprinkles.   Fun! And in violation of every nutritional standard I value. Just a low key day watching Disney movies, lunch at the poolside, watching the kids splash for hours, grilling at dusk with my grown kids, telling stories and laughing all our cares away as we watch the sun set. I could definitely do this every weekend!

hammock with mom

What’s one of your favorite family memories?

Camping. Definitely camping. All three of my children agreed years ago that our family weekend camping trips were their favorite vacations. Hiking to the waterfall, enjoying a picnic on the rocks, fishing from the bank of the lake. Wieners. Lots of wieners. Something special happens when families sit under the stars around a campfire and just talk…and poke long sticks into the burning firewood.

mia with my kids

What is something you enjoy doing with your mom/daughter?

Lisa and I both love to plan children’s parties. From baking and decorating really cool birthday cakes, to creating original invitations and decorations, to coming up with exciting games and activities for the kids, it’s hard to tell who has more fun at party time, Lisa and I, or the kids. I have to admit, Lisa’s creative talent far exceeds mine! I’m just very happy to be her first assistant. 🙂

mom during chemo

Mom- how do you see yourself in your daughter?

Lisa is tenacious. She stands up for what – and who – she believes in and surrendering is not a concept she is familiar with. I’d like to think I have that same kind of strength. Oh yes, and she sarcastically thanked me for her thighs last week. Does that count?


Lisa’s favorite singer is Louis Armstrong. I found this in a little book I was reading recently and it so touched my heart. I didn’t even realize it was her favorite L.A. song until the third line. It summarizes how I thankful I am for Lisa, our relationship, and the richness of God’s blessing the three generations of our family.


Name: Lisa Gwin

* Occupation: Full time momma to 2 energetic kiddos, wife, graphic designer by trade, co-owner of Blue Moon Screen Printing, LLC, family historian (cause I document everything in photos!), scout mom!

* Hometown: Monroe, LA

* Current city: Alexandria, LA

* Family/Kids: I’ve been married to Matt for 9 years today (happy anniversary!:) )and we have 2 precious, energetic, strong-willed, loving kids. Carter is 7 and Ella is 21 months.

* Pets: We have 2 spunky 4-legged kiddos…Sidney, our weagle (weenie/beagle mix) is about 14 yrs old and was adopted from OPAS in WM and Cody, our Corgi, is 10 yrs old. They both still act like puppies and are sweet as can be! Cody was my inspiration for starting the Facebook page Lost and Found Dogs of Ouachita Parish!

* Any other information (Education/Volunteer/Creative Hobbies): I graduated from LA Tech with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design. Since then I have used my degree in many ways, but the most rewarding way has been using it help run the screen printing business my husband and I started back in 2013.

* Any blog, book, creative endeavor, etc. you’d like to share: We recently launched our website, www.bluemoontees.com, for our branded line of tees! In a world where “negative” seems to rule the news, we want to insert a little positivity. Back in December I posted a pic of a small goody basket I set out for our delivery people, to show them that we appreciated their hard work during the busy holiday season. It went viral and local and national news picked up the story. It was crazy how much attention that small act of kindness received. In all the interviews I wanted them to know that this shouldn’t be just a Christmas thing, that kindness should be an every day thing. It’s one thing to say it, but I try to always be a person who keeps their word. That was the inspiration for our website and new line of shirts! We’re super excited about this new venture and continuing to spread positive messages. We will have new designs in the very near future…all of which we hope and pray will inspire and encourage people in their day to day lives!

hiking at petit jean

What inspires you?

Kindness! Over the years, I’ve seen so many positive things spawn from one simple act of kindness. Kindness goes beyond religion and politics. It reminds me that we all have a story, we all need encouragement, we all need help or a pick-me-up at some point in our day/life. It doesn’t take much to extend a helping hand or offer a word of encouragement, but it can make such a huge impact!

Who is your hero?

My parents! Gosh, I’ve learned so much from them over the years…and still learning. My dad taught me so much about business ethics, how to respect others, how to work hard for what you want, and his most taught lesson to me, “how to step outside of your comfort circle”. I like to think I learned a lot about kindness from him. Sadly, it wasn’t until after he had passed away that I began to hear of so many stories of his kindness…preparing taxes for friends/clients, visiting the elderly in the nursing home, his many coaching success stories, and just his kindness in general. 16 years later and people still tell me stories of how much they loved and respected my dad! My mom…she’s probably the strongest woman I know! She’s experienced so many life altering events, yet she keeps swimming! She’s a fighter, intelligent on so many levels, loves her family and will help us out whenever we need it. I had already watched her overcome so much in life when we found out she had leukemia back in 2010. She had a very aggressive form, but not once did she show fear. Her faith grew stronger, not weaker! She faced that bull head on and kept a positive attitude during that whole trial. I’m not sure I could have done what she had done in that situation. I’ve definitely gained a wealth of life knowledge from the both of them.

scout mom

What are you learning in this season of life?

What lesson am I not learning? Haha! I think the biggest lesson I’m continuously learning is how to be more patient with my kids. God blessed us with 2 very strong-willed children and the day-to-day with them can be somewhat challenging at times. It is literally the most stressful/difficult job, but also the most rewarding job I have ever had. I have to remind myself that “strong-will” can lead to the most amazing leadership characteristics, so I continually work with my husband on shaping them to be the leaders God would intend for them to be. That job always has a learning curve, but we’re up for the challenge!

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

I recently finished reading “Open Heart” by Elie Wiesel. I’m not a huge reader, but he has been my favorite author since I first read “Night“. He just had a way of bringing you into his writings. His faith, throughout all his trials, was truly inspiring. One of the parts I read, he questioned if he had done enough with his life to please God. Were his many books about his personal experience during the Holocaust, his fiction books that dealt with faith, his teachings to college students, etc….were they enough? One of the best authors in history questioned if ALL his work was enough to please God. Makes we question, if what I do is pleasing enough. Could I do more? I think that is what makes Elie’s work a success…it continues to inspire others.

What’s your current favorite beauty product?

Does chapstick count? Haha! Most days, I’m sporting a t-shirt and jeans, my hair is in a pony tail and my face is all naturale…aka, my mom uniform. I do love my medicated chapstick, though! When I do take the time to put on makeup, I MUST have my liquid eyeliner, Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Eyeliner.

mom and me camping

What’s one of your favorite family memories?

Our family camping trips will always be some of my favorite! We were all so relaxed and happy when we were camping. Things were simple on those trips…no work, no stress, no chores…just fun, relaxed times spent with family. That was one of the main reasons my husband and I decided to buy a camper. We work a lot and we could tell we needed something that would give us a break and bring our family closer. It was seriously the best investment we could have made! Our kids absolutely love being outside and they’re always so happy when we go on our camping adventures! It’s so fun to see them create memories like I did as a kid!

cooking with mom

What is something you enjoy doing with your mom/daughter?

We don’t get to visit in person too often, so we definitely enjoy getting to catch up when we’re together. When we have no set schedule and have time to do whatever we want, we enjoy just hanging out, cooking, visiting, and spending time with the kids.


Daughter- how do you see your mom in your self?

I like to think I’ve gained a lot of personal strength by watching my mom overcome so many trials. She’s told me numerous times that I’m the strongest person she knows, that she’s not sure she could have made it through what all I’ve experienced. In my opinion, her trials were way harder than mine, so she’s definitely stronger than I am, but I like to think I got that “fighter” spirit from her! She doesn’t give up easily and neither do I!

Such an inspiration! Thank you, Lisa and Suzan, for your heart and tenacity to overcome no matter what the trial! Both of you are such a blessing to your family. Thank you for being great examples! 

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