Loving Life: Fritz Niswanger

We are wrapping up June with another dad’s perspective! 

View More: http://kimberlymcdanielphotopraphy.pass.us/niswangerName: Fritz Niswanger

Occupation: Tax Attorney

Hometown: Monroe, LA

Family/Kids: I met my wife, Sarah Many Niswanger, 18 years ago in high school and we have now been married for 13 years. We have 5 children, Addison(10), Caroline(9), Walker(6), Gray(4), and Shepherd(1).

Pets: None at the moment, my wife says we have white couches, instead😂


High school- OCS

College- LSU

Law degree from Tulane University

MBA from Tulane University

Volunteer: Serve in various ministries and outreaches with Family Church.

Hobbies: reading, vacationing with family

How has becoming a Dad made you a better person?

Other than my marriage, being an earthly father to my children has taught me more about my own relationship with my Heavenly Father than anything else in my life. I’m sure most parents would agree that parenting is one of the primary ways God sanctifies our Christian character, IF we allow Him to.


What do you believe is your finest fathering skill?

The Lord has given me an abundance of patience, which we all know helps when raising children. One might also say I have the gift of being a goofball, being able to cut loose and just have fun with them. But on a serious note, I realize that I am nothing without Christ. I can never be the father my kids need without continually seeking Him every day. I cannot give them what I do not have.

View More: http://kimberlymcdanielphotopraphy.pass.us/niswanger

What is one thing you have learned from your father?

My Dad taught me to never stop learning, to always strive to be better. This is one thing that motivates me even now to keep growing, learning, and working to be a better husband, father, attorney, and in all the other important areas of my life.


What is your favorite activity to do with your kids?

In this season of life with children ranging in age from 1-10, sometimes the simplest of days can make the most impact on them and me…a trip to the park, popsicles and sprinklers in the backyard, riding bikes, reading books, and even just playing with them on the floor and listening to them laugh. They really just want my undivided attention and I am grateful when I get to give them just that.

Fritz, thank you for sharing from your heart! You have a beautiful family!

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