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Top 10 TV Dads

There is no doubt fathers hold a very important role in the lives of their children. Statistics show us fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school, more likely to be incarcerated, and more likely to use drugs (stats found here).  At Life Choices, we strongly advocate for dads to participate in […]

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Christmas Giveaway

If you are looking for ways to help and give as 2012 wraps up, please consider our Amazon wishlist! Beginning TODAY- December 12, 2012, we have a BIG giveaway that will make you HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! If you order something from our wishlist beginning today through the 12th of December, we will enter your name […]

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Why Fox News Called

Delhi Charter Pregnancy Policy

This week, Delhi, LA, made major news. Delhi Charter School had a “pregnancy policy” about girls who were pregnant were asked to leave school and attend elsewhere or homebound study. Louisiana’s state chapter of the ACLU got involved and threatened to sue causing a huge uproar. Local news featured stories on it and yesterday morning, […]

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Meet Lyndsey Sikes


Lyndsey Sikes is executive director of Life Choices. She has served as director since 2004. Lyndsey and her husband, Alex, live in Monroe with their bassett hound, Hamilton. LC: What brought you to Life Choices? I had just graduated from college and was approached about the job. After several months of prayer and consideration, I […]

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Simple Things You Can Do to be Pro Life

With the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare, many conservatives are in an uproar. While some things are still up in the air, particularly as we face a very pivotal election this fall, maybe you would consider putting action to your values. This is a 3 part series showing up simple things you can do to be […]

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Five for Life

We hosted a great night of music at Christ Church. Pastor Tom Lowe and his staff are incredible! What a blessing they are to Life Choices. Hayley Masters, Fire in Salem and Big Al did a fantastic job. We were able to get abstinence material in the hands of area youth and hand out Bibles […]

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